Tuesday, March 27, 2007

I'm so anxious....

To see who is going home. Oh My God, I am so proud of Billy Ray he did such a good job. Compared to last week he was a hundred times better!!! I really hope he gets to stay, I'm scared for him though seeing he has the lowest score. BUT I thing Heather Mills was the big shocker of the night. While I am not a huge fan of hers by any means, she really was good. I also have to give props to Laila Ali. She was really good. But, my boy Joey stepped it up and I loved it.

I'm sitting here literally waiting for them to say who goes home. They just announced that Paulina was in the bottom 2. Aggghhhh!!!! Its killing me why do they have to drag it out? I know I know, ratings but its killing me. Yay, Billy and Joey are safe. Whew! And the losers for the week are....Paulina and Alex!!

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Anonymous said...

What you mean Laila was really good? She was and is the best. Highest scoring female and highest scorer period. Billy sucks, Joey's aight and Laila is an Ali after all so you know what that means? She's the greatest.